Total Talent Design creates effective, focused trainings with actionable takeaways for professionals at all levels.

Trainings We Provide:

Assessments and Communication Styles

Improve communication on your team by understanding who you are and those around you. Participants learn to identify their strengths, their communication styles, and their preferences to maximize their team communications and improve team dynamics.


We work with teams using:

  • DiSC

  • Gallup StrengthFinder

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

  • Strong Interest Inventory

  • Values Card Sort

Career Development

Your lawyers own their career development.  Give them tools to facilitate growth.  

Offerings include:

  • Being an Effective Mentor

  • Making the Most of Your Mentor Relationships

  • Networking

  • Setting and Achieving Goals

Flexible Work

Flexible work is a key component of a successful diversity program.


We can help you get the buy in you need for supporting flexible work with our programs:

  • The Business Case and Best Practices for Flexible Work

  • Gender Bias (how it presents and how to counteract it)

  • Managing Flexible Work Attorneys

Feedback & Performance Evaluations


Breakthrough the discomfort on both sides of the feedback loop.  We talk through the obstacles for giving effective feedback and provide easy-to-remember ways to have meaningful conversations.

We can design programs that fit your organizational culture on:

  • Coaching Your Team

  • Delivering Effective Performance Reviews

  • Getting More out of Your Performance Review

  • Giving Feedback

  • Receiving Feedback


You’re more than the self you bring to work.  We can bring programs to you that support stress reduction and mindfulness.  

We offer:

  • Introduction to Mindfulness and Guided Mindfulness Sessions

  • Wellness:  Managing Stress

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Our team has delivered dozens of trainings in the areas of career development, work/life integration, and flexible work. Our style is warm and inclusive, drawing in the audience members and helping them relate to the topic through their personal experiences.