Jessica helped me navigate a very difficult job transition through her expert mix of structure and support. At our first meeting, she assigned me targeted, discrete tasks – re-engaging with my network, scheduling informational interviews with my contacts (and hers), revising my resume - to kick start my job search and get me moving forward. Through regular check-ins, she tracked my progress on these tasks and kept me accountable, gently nudging me to follow through and take risks when necessary. Throughout this process, Jessica offered support in so many ways, including helping me to tailor my resume for specific roles, encouraging me to reach out to those contacts that I’d neglected for extended periods, or role-playing through interviews for positions.


She kept me focused and optimistic through this time, and, without her help and expertise, I wouldn’t have landed on my feet. I can’t recommend Jessica enough!


- In-House Commercial Counsel (successful lateral move with pay increase and shorter commute)

Making a career move is as much about whom you know as about what you can do.  Jessica Natkin is a fantastic consultant and career coach and, almost as importantly, she knows everybody.  Her stellar coaching skills and vast contact network give a job candidate an appreciable advantage.  I worked with Jessica in 2019-2020, as I undertook a job search that ultimately led to my landing a position with a prestigious Silicon Valley law firm.  The job involves greater responsibility and significantly increased compensation.  During our initial meeting, we identified my career goals and aspirations as well as my strength and weakness.  Jessica coached me on the best ways to emphasize my strengths and turn my perceived weaknesses into potential assets.  She gave me homework on addressing potentially thorny issues and complex interview questions.  The homework was remarkably helpful -- the additional preparation gave me confidence that I would be ready for any question.  In subsequent meetings, we sharpened my responses.  During the interview process, Jessica provided valuable personal and professional insights into the team I would join (those connections are gold!) and strategies for interview follow-up.  Working with Jessica distinguished me from other candidates and, doubtless, helped me land my new job. 


Would I work with Jessica again?  Absolutely!  And you should too.

- Risk Management & Conflicts Attorney (successful move with greater responsibility and pay increase)

When I contacted Jessica, I had been with the same government position for more than ten years. I knew I wanted to leave, but I did not know how to approach a job search. Jessica helped me to take a step back, figure out what I could do, and how best to translate my government experience to the private sector. Throughout
the process, Jessica kept me on track and provided much needed encouragement and support.

I could not have navigated my job search without her.

- Federal Government Attorney (successfully transitioned to in-house)


I had been wanting to switch my career in a boutique law firm to an in-house practice. Luckily I was introduced to Jessica Natkin of Total Talent Design and hired her as my career coach. She was very intuitive, practical, constructive and encouraging throughout the process, helping me cultivate and maximize my strengths, identifying good-fit opportunities and supporting my preparation for interviews. Thanks to Jessica, I now have my dream job!!


I highly recommend Total Talent Design and Jessica Natkin.


- Senior Paralegal (successfully transitioned from law firm to in-house)

Jessica combines her years of experience coaching lawyers with sophisticated career counseling skills.  She helped me identify my strengths and focused my job search. Whether she was sharing new job openings for me to consider or preparing me for a job interview, she provided smart and positive input. She's also a very good editor.  After reading the resume that Jessie helped me revise, a job interviewer commented, "Your resume really tells an interesting story."

              - Senior Legal Services Professional (successfully transitioned from law firm to government)

First and foremost, Jessica knows what she's doing. My resumes never looked better, and my cover letters were amazing. She was very good at drawing out of me what I'm good at and what I like to do and then translating that into language companies wanted to hear. When I got stalled, she encouraged me to move forward and gave me tasks to complete to keep my job search on track. She's unfailingly positive and made sure to check in with me, reminded me to be good to myself, and reassured me that the right job was out there for me.

Simply put, she's worth her weight in gold. I would recommend her services without hesitation.


                    - Senior Employment Law Attorney (successfully transitioned from law firm to employee relations)

When I first started working with Jessica, I was overwhelmed by the prospect of a job search but knew I needed a change. She helped me evaluate my skills and preferences, and we developed language for my resume and interviews so that I could effectively communicate my strengths. She broke the process down into manageable steps and kept me accountable. With Jessica's guidance, I navigated what could have been a difficult career transition and accepted my dream role. All my friends and colleagues are asking how I did it! (I'm sending them to Jessica.)

- Midlevel Litigation Associate (successfully transitioned from law firm to in-house)

Jessica and Louise were uniquely compelling. Through storytelling, activities, visuals and questions of the group, the two hours passed quickly and productively. Our staff left with a clearer understanding of the law, our anti-harassment policy, and ways to create a more respectful and supportive work environment.

- Rabbi Jacqueline Mates-Munchin, Temple Sinai, Oakland